How can I contact you?
Click on the Contact Us button in the main menu.

Why can't I change the quantity on an item?
This website is designed for WHOLESALE orders only.  As such several of our products require you to purchase a certain quantity of a single item in order to qualify for wholesale pricing.  If you require a different amount, please contact us at (706)678-1342 or via e-mail at to process your order as retail.

How much is shipping? Do you offer free shipping?
We do not offer free shipping.  Your shipping cost will be determined AFTER your order has been packed, and will vary upon the weight and dimensions of your items.  All shipping rates are estimated and your final price may vary depending on the current UPS, FedEX, or U.S. Mail rates.

Why can't I see the prices?
You must login in order to see our pricing.  If you do not have a login you must sign up and receive one before you will be able to see our pricing.