America First Promo


A $1000.00 worth of flags and bumper stickers, including Made In the USA, for just $398!

  • (12) 3'x5' MADE IN USA United States Polyester Flags
  • (6)   3'x5' MADE IN USA Gadsden Polyester Flags
  • (50) MADE IN USA American Flag Bumper Stickers
  • (50) MADE IN USA Oval American Flag Bumper Stickers
  • (12) American Flag Embossed Aluminum  License Plates
  • (12) 2'x3' USA Single-Sided Polyester Flags
  • (12) 3'x5' USA Boxed 2ply 600 Denier Flags

Plus all this at no additional charge!!

  • (12) assorted MADE IN USA patriotic themed Bumper Stickers
  • (1) each of each color USA 45 TRUMP CAPS (we have 3 in stock at this time: Red, White, and Blue)
  • (1) each TRUMP I & TRUMP III 3'x5' Polyester Single-Sided Flags 
  • (1) each TRUMP I 12x18" Polyester Single-Sided Flag with Grommets

And every MADE IN USA flag includes freebies like a book, pin, and decal in the package

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