Made In USA Flags Promo


Our MADE IN USA FLAG PROMO has a retail value of $720.00 for just $188!!

The promotion includes the following:

12 USA 3'x5' Single-Sided Polyester Flags

And your choice of:

  • 12 Gadsden 3'x5' Single-Sided Polyester Flags
  • 12 POW/MIA 3'x5' Single-Sided Polyester Flags
  • 12 Rebel 3'x5' Single-Sided Polyester Flags 


  • An assortment including 4 each of  Gadsden, POW/MIA, and Rebel

All the flags in this promotion were proudly made in Washington, Georgia, USA with a Made In USA tag sewn right into  the header so your customers know they're buying American.  All flags will have a white canvas header, brass grommets, and four rows of stitching on the fly end for added durability.   They also include bonus items such as Bumper Stickers and/or Lapel Pins.  (Bumper Stickers are Made In USA as well)

**If you do not select a design we will send a random assortment of our choice.

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